About Syndicate Home and Garden
Syndicate Home and Garden is a brand of floral industry leader and innovator Syndicate Sales, Inc., a family-owned business that manufactures, imports and distributes a line of more than 2,000 products. With a complete line of trend-forward, value-driven, and easy to use products designed to enhance everyday living spaces, Syndicate Home and Garden is based in Kokomo, Indiana. Its wide range of stylish products that will inspire today’s busy consumers at home, work or play, can be found at garden centers across America.

About Syndicate Sales, Inc.
Syndicate Sales is a manufacturer, importer and distributor to the floral industry. Founded in Kokomo, Indiana in 1946, Syndicate is renowned for its superior quality products delivered at an unprecedented level of service. From its first product, the Aquapic®, to its most recent, Syndicate strives to innovate and improve upon its founding principle: to provide the best service and produce the highest quality products at a fair value.

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1946 - Aquapic®: Syndicate introduces the 1st quick, convenient way to preserve and transport single stem flowers. Prior to Aquapics, florists had to rubber band flower stems into a plastic bag of water. Aquapics are still an industry staple.

1954 – Design Bowl: Syndicate introduces the 1st Design Bowl when it combines a round bowl and a rectangular base to allow for easier and more secure floral foam placement. This is still an industry staple today.

1959 - Everlastin'® Baskets: Syndicate introduces the #91 and #92, the 1st plastic basket line to the floral industry.

1967 – Candelite Cardette®: A 9" cardholder designed for prominently displaying the sender's name.

1968 - Fronzwood: Syndicate introduces the 1st plastic container line widely accepted by the floral industry.

1970 - White-Line: Syndicate introduces the 1st plastic containers to feature the popular hobnail design.

1975 – Distribution & Shipping: In response to a teamsters strike that shut down transportation making it impossible for wholesale florists to receive product, Syndicate purchases its first 45' trailers and begins shipping its product directly to floral wholesalers.

1979 - Hoosier Glass®: This utility glass line marked the company's first diversification from plastic products.

1981 – Hurryin' Hoosier Transport: Syndicate forms HHT and is the 1st company to implement a regular, dependable delivery system by integrating a customer service route calling system with its own trucking company allowing weekly delivery anywhere in North America.

1982 - Reflections®: Syndicate introduces a high quality, vacuum metalized plastic container line giving an upscale look at an affordable price.

1987 - Garden Collection®: Syndicate introduces the 1st upscale clear glass container line offered at utility glass prices - setting a new standard in value.

1988 – Barcodes: Syndicate is the 1st floral industry company to barcode shipping boxes.

1989 - Injection Blow Molding: Syndicate Sales is the 1st to introduce and produce Single Unit Construction containers to the industry putting an end to plastic vases leaking at the seams.

1990 - Classic Traditions: The industry's 1st domestically produced oversized glassware designed for larger floral arrangements.

1991 – Imports: Syndicate Sales begins importing.

1992 - Foam Mate®: Syndicate introduces a line of foam cages and easel containers in classic and euro-style design is introduced.

1994 – Aquafoam®: After two years of testing and development, Syndicate introduces Aquafoam - exceptional floral foam with a superior cell structure. Syndicate is the 1st to score bricks in thirds and the 1st to reduce dust by utilizing water jet technology.

1994 – Syndicate Stars®: Syndicate introduces the 1st industry rewards program.

1995 – Aquaplus®... the difference is clear: Syndicate is the 1st to introduce and market a fresh flower nutrient combined with a water clarifier allowing for crystal clear vase water for up to 2 weeks. Aquaplus anchors a complete line of post harvest products for the care and handling of cut flowers.

1999 – EBiz+: Syndicate is the 1st to utilize online ordering for hardgoods. EBiz+ is eventually replaced by ROLO (Retail OnLine Ordering) and DOLO (Distributor OnLine Ordering).

2001 – Hand Blown Glass: In an effort to expand glass design offerings, Syndicate begins importing hand blown glassware.

2004 – Call-Me-Bouquet®: The 1st first hard goods manufacturer inspired industry marketing initiative pulling together all facets of industry from manufacturer to grower to retailer in an effort to promote industry sales.

2008 – Brody Glass Acquisition: Syndicate Sales, Inc. purchases E. O. Brody Co. to create one of the largest domestic glass distributors in the country.

2010 – Stackables: Syndicate introduces the 1st ever container with a platform and stacking system that allows for multiple tier designing. Stackables can also be assembled and disassembled for easy and secure delivery, another 1st for the industry.

2011 – Pull the Purple!: Syndicate introduces new purple packaging on all its liquid care and handling products.

2011 – Syndicate Studios: Syndicate builds its own studio and begins filming and producing a series of How-to educational videos aimed at providing retail florists with expert design techniques and tips.

2012 – New Corporate Logos: Syndicate introduces a new line of Corporate Logos (Syndicate Sales, Inc. & Syndicate Stars®).

2012 – Big Green Truck Makeover: Syndicate unveiled their newly designed semi-trucks, the first major change in decades!